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March 2017

Featured Artist


Cosette Leblanc

Style: Charcoal/Pencil

Born in southern France and raised in San Fransisco, Leblanc says she gains her inspiration from the memories she made living in France until the age of 14. She grew up experimenting with the many art resources available to her in the area she lived. Her parents moved to the United States for work and she continued her studies informally until graduating high school, after which she enrolled in the California College of the Arts. She graduated in May of 2016 and moved to Provo, Utah to continue her studies. She does her artwork full time and spends a substantial amount of time outdoors. She says that she fully enjoys all the inspiration that Utah has to offer.

Featured Artist


Jamie Robinson

Style: Photography

Jamie Robinson. Born and raised in the northern reaches of Montana. He lives in the beautiful region of Paradise Valley and claims to gain the bigger part of the inspiration for his artwork from the incredible landscape there.

February 2017

Featured Artist


Zaria Forman

Style: PhotoRealistic Painting

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